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Motozuma – New Social Web Site for Auto Shoppers


New Social Web Site Teams with Hyundai to Offer Savings, Resources for Auto Shoppers

Chicago — Social media has provided Web users with a forum to share photo albums, cast themselves as the next viral video sensation, and communicate with friends around the globe. Now the power of social media is being harnessed to give first-time and new car buyers a way to share the car of their dreams with family and friends, save for the purchase, and earn valuable savings from manufacturers.

Introducing, a new Web site that combines the power of social media with the money-saving tools needed to make a first-time car purchase.Hyundai offers car buyers an added incentive as Motozuma’s first Manufacturer Match partner. With the Manufacturer Match program, Hyundai will match the money in a user’s account dollar for dollar up to $500 if the user purchases a new Hyundai vehicle. Motozuma makes saving and shopping for a vehicle a customizable, interactive experience. Creating a free Motozuma account is the first step towards owning a new vehicle.

“Americans are eager to find new ways to save for vehicle purchases, particularly first-time car buyers,” said Chris Wire, Motozuma CEO. “At the same time, the Internet and social media have introduced a number of tools that enhance the vehicle buying process. We’ve brought those two principals together to create Our team is excited to help people save towards the purchase of a new vehicle and our site in an engaging way to build those savings.”

How it Works

Once you create a free Motozuma account, you’re in the fast lane towards savings. Your account allows you to save your own money, and money gifted to you from family and friends, that you can put towards the purchase of a new vehicle. Tired of disappointing birthday presents? Not sure what to ask for around the holidays? Just use your Motozuma account to let people know what you need most – the funds to help buy a new vehicle.

With more than 40 different manufacturers to explore on Motozuma, the car you want is just a few clicks away. Once you’ve found the vehicle that’s right for you, you can build a customized profile with photos and information about that automobile. You can share your profile with family and friends through Facebook, Twitter and other social networking tools, to encourage financial gifts that will build savings in your Motozuma account.

While you can shop with dozens of manufacturers, Hyundai offers added incentive to buyers with the Motozuma Manufacturer Match program.

“Motozuma will help Hyundai reach a new audience and the site will be particularly appealing to first-time car buyers,” said Dave Zuchowski, Vice President of Sales for Hyundai. “We are always looking to help people save on the purchase of a new vehicle, which is especially critical to the youngest generation of car buyers. Hyundai and Motozuma are delivering savings to that demographic in an exciting, interactive way.”

The Tools You Need

Among the resources you’ll find on to help you save and buy are:

· Vehicle Information: Cars, trucks, SUVs and more. With information on dozens of manufacturers, the photos, specs and other information you need on the vehicle you want is all in one convenient Web site.

· Personal Goal Tracker: Here you can establish your savings goals and easily track your progress towards your new vehicle purchase. Whether that purchase is weeks, months, or years away, the goal tracker establishes a timeline and savings plan to fit any budget.

· Spread the Word: You don’t have to have that awkward conversation about money with mom and dad anymore. Whatever celebration is coming around the corner, let your friends and family know that they can pass on the presents this year and help you save toward a new car instead. Customized e-mails and social media tools make it easy to talk up your plan.

· Time to Buy: Ready to drive? The Motozuma buying guide walks you through the final steps and gives you the paperwork you’ll need to take to an accredited dealership near you. After you pick your car, the dealer will help you finish the down payment process and get you on the open road in your new set of wheels. was developed by Synergy Marketing Partners and Real Art Design Group, a team with years of experience in automotive marketing. For more information and to open your Motozuma account, log on to and start saving today.


About Motozuma is a new, free social Web site that offers consumers a better way to save and purchase their next automobile. provides its members an interactive, customizable savings platform along with information on more than 40 different auto manufacturers. The Motozuma Manufacturer Match Program allows manufacturers the ability to match members dollar for dollar on the purchase of a new vehicle. Motozuma is a joint venture between automotive marketing specialists Synergy Marketing Partners and the Web designers at Real Art Design Group.

About Hyundai Motor America
Hyundai Motor America, headquartered in Fountain Valley, Calif., is a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Co. of Korea. Hyundai vehicles are distributed throughout the United States by Hyundai Motor America and are sold and serviced through more than 790 dealerships nationwide. All Hyundai vehicles sold in the U.S. are covered by The Hyundai Advantage, America’s Best Warranty. In addition, Hyundai Assurance is now offered on all new vehicles leased or purchased from a certified Hyundai dealer. The program is available to any consumer, regardless of age, health, employment record or financed amount of the vehicle. The program is complimentary for the first 12 months.

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  • V
    Volker Jaeckel
  • November 8, 2009
Once again, a brilliant Marketing move of Hyundai. Hyunday shows why they are the fastest growing OEM during these credit crunch times and put the idea "thinking out of the box" literally into action.
Hyundai won Marketer of the Year as well. They just keep the hits coming, both with their product and marketing. I think Motozuma is going to be great for them, gives them another hook with 1st time car buyers and undecided shoppers who will be influenced by the match money. I'm always surprised when you one company being so aggressive and having success with it, why others don't follow suit?
  • M
    More educated
  • March 2, 2010
This website will drown tomorrow. It creates its revenue by taking the interest from the money pretty much invested in the website by the users. Are people really too stupid to save money in a bank account that accrues interest? THIS WEBSITE IS A SCAM. SAVE YOUR MONEY IN THE BANK NOT "JOHN MORGAN'S PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNT". ^^^^ NOTE THE POST ABOVE. John Morgan is the creator of Motozuma, "why don't other companies follow suit" real subtle and clever buddy, haha by the way HYUNDAI OFFERS THIS MATCHING DEAL TO THE PUBLIC, DO NOT GIVE THE INTEREST ON YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY TO THIS STARTUP COMPANY!!!!!! I KNOW SOMEONE THEY HAVE CONNED ALREADY!!!!!!
To clarify a few points - Motozuma does not receive interest from anyone's money (nor does anyone else). The money saved or gifted to a user resides in a non-interest bearing FDIC insured bank account at Chase Bank.
Also, Hyundai does not offer this matching deal to the public, it is only offered to Motozuma users towards their down payment.
We also have not "conned" anyone and never will. Motozuma was created to help people set a goal, save for a down payment, receive gifts towards that goal and have available matching offers to make their savings go further when they purchase a vehicle. If someone saves $500 into their Motozuma account and then purchases a new Hyundai, they receive a $500 match from Hyundai, which means they have a $1,000 down payment. The matching/extra $500 is much more then their $500 would receive in interest in a savings account.
I hope this helps to clarify some of the above comments. If anyone has any questions or would like to discuss further they can contact Motozuma directly at 877-504-9862.
  • L
  • March 6, 2010
ok johhny, what is the point of a non-interest savings account?

Next, How does Motozuma create revenue for itself?

Close down shop john its all over
  • L
  • March 6, 2010
Even if your design is not a scam. The only point of your website is to get 50% off of a down payment of a maximum of $1000, OFF OF A HYUNDAI ONLY. Despite claims since motozumas birth that other manufacturers will "soon" be added with similar matching programs, Hyundai remains their only supporter. ANYONE LOOKING TO BUY A HYUNDAI SHOULD SAVE UP IN AN ACCOUNT WITH INTREST(DUH) THEN DEPOSIT THE MONEY ON MOTOZUMA AND THEN BUY YOUR HYUNDAI. and that is the benefit of this startup scam in a nutshell