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Thanksgiving is here – So Thank You!

I’m always happy when Thanksgiving is here. This occasion allows the opportunity to appreciate and express the gratitude to each and everyone that has been, and continues to be an active reader and participant here on DealerRefresh.

I absolutely appreciate and Thank Everyone for your support which has helped DealerRefresh continue to grow, support and provide a place for all of us to gather online to converse, share opinions and best practices while building relationships throughout the industry.

Lets not forget to thank our current DealerRefresh sponsors. Their support and advertising is another reason why we have the funds and resources to continue on at the level we do. Take a moment and not only click on one of their ads but take a few moments to visit their website and see what services they have to offer. 

We THANK EVERYONE for your support while hoping you have a blessed Thanksgiving Day

While you have some extra time sitting there on the couch (stuffed full of food) reading this, check out some of the discussions you may have missed on DealerRefresh over this busy holiday week…