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The WeeklyRefresh – Nov 23rd

Sunday Sunday Sunday!! I Gotta get back into the Weekly Refresh posting groove. 😀

Industry Related

  • study reveals that One-third of dealership visitors who used an independent website did not call or send an email before they came to the store. The study explored the connection between online research activity and offline shopping behavior
  • The NHSTA FINALLY adds FREE vehicle recall alerts via e-mail, RSS and text. – It’s about time! Hummm how could you use this as a service for your customers?
  • The Nielsen Company published an Online Automotive Insight – Total North American auto sales are down 32% from October 2007 to October 2008 with November’s sales forecast not showing much improvement.

Technology and Marketing

  • Have a Flash intensive dealer website and want to use Google Analytics? Now you can!!
  • YouTube is quietly testing out HD (high quality) video and in stereo. Something they deperalty need to support. Another reason that support my decision to buy the new Flip HD! (like I need a reason to purchase a gadget..yea right!)

Other Stuff

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