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Will Google’s Featured Snippet Update Increase Engagement/Conversions?

Google announced some significant changes to featured snippets. When clicking on some snippets, Google will now take you directly to the exact text seen in the snippet on the webpage. This text is then highlighted.

Here’s the Google Tweet announcing the update:


Here’s an example of the highlighted text on the webpage:


Note: I took both images from this Search Engine Journal article.

In my opinion, this change makes ranking for featured snippets even more important. Car shoppers who visit webpages via these new featured snippets may actually convert more.

This is because the car shopper is taken to the exact text on the webpage that enticed them to click on the snippet in the first place.

Because relevant information is easier to find once they arrive on the webpage, it could result in more calls, form fills, vehicle availability requests, etc (depending on what type of page the shopper visits).

Thoughts on this? Could this change result in better engagement & more conversions?

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