Your Summer Mobile Snapshot at the Dealership

Apps. The tidal wave continues:

In Q1 of 2013 13.4 billion apps were downloaded according to figures from Canalys.  This number is up 11% from Q4, 2012.

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Apple and Android now combine for just shy of 100 billion total app downloads – this in just under 5 years.  Over 900,000 apps exist now in the Apple store and Apple has sold 600 million iOS devices.

Smartphone Users.  Still in love:

The average iOS user downloads 83 apps per device and the average android user 53.

In a recent apigee study, 85% of 762 smartphone owners surveyed said they would rather go without water than their mobile apps.

Smartphone Sales.  The conversion continues:

Smartphone sales accounted for 49.3% of Q1 2013 mobile phone sales worldwide. This is an increase from the 34.8% Q1 number from 2012.  Conversely, sales of standard feature phones decreased 21.8% in Q1 2013.

When it comes to smartphone manufacturers and US data, comScore reports Apple at the top with 39.2% of the market, Samsung claims second spot with 22%, and HTC registers third at 8.9%.

Tablets. The future personal computer:

A forecast from research firm Gartner predicts shipments of tablets to surge nearly 68% in 2013.  IDC’s findings show tablet shipments outpacing the PC market by 2015.

iPad remains solidly in the lead according to Chitika analyzed ad network data.  A whopping 81% belongs to apple’s tablet device while Amazon’s Kindle Fire sits in second with 7.4%.  Signs of movement can be seen from Samsung’s Galaxy in third up .5% to 4.7%.

Smartphone Market Share.  Google dominance:

Android continues to win the OS platform war over apple with 75% market share. iOS is a distant second at 17.3%.

Windows Phone. Mr. Johnny come-lately:

Windows Phone tripled its market share year-over-year now claiming the number three spot behind Apple and Android.  According to the latest IDC report Windows phone sold 7 million units in the first quarter of 2013.  This allowed Windows to claim a 3.2% market share.

Windows Phone future looks promising.  Window’s primary phone partner, Nokia, is responsible for 79% of Windows Phone sales.  As Nokia transitions its 14.8% market share to an all-smartphone lineup, Windows Phone will be a clear beneficiary.

Blackberry.  Don’t let the door…

In stark contrast to Windows Phone growth, Black Berry’s market share slid to 2.9% – less than half its share just one year ago.  Acceptance of the company’s new Blackberry 10 platform, released earlier this year, will be a key driver in the company’s future.

Apple.  Shinny new clothes:

The recent release of iOS7 to developers showcases revamped visuals and streamlined access to the controls users access daily.  Airdrop allows local sharing to other iOS7 devices, multitasking has been improved, Siri expands her usefulness, and the App Store can now suggest apps relevant to the user’s location.

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How has mobile impacted your dealership so far in 2013?

What percentage of your total web visitors are now coming from tablets and smartphones?

How many of your customers are using a mobile device while visiting your store?

How has your dealership embraced mobile?


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