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4 Ways to Overcome Content Blockers to Blog More

I was recently browsing Hubstop and read a great article written by Ann Smarty titled “How to Blog Consistently Without Burning Out.” The article was directed toward bloggers who have to create content on a regular basis (us). Smarty provided a number of ways for bloggers to get past procrastination, boredom and idea deficit and create killer content for their readers. Most of the tips seemed really simple, but actionable and something that a reader could implement immediately.

1. Read (and then) Read Some More

Reading was the first action point on Smarty’s list. Reading is something you know you should do and yet it seems to always find itself at the bottom of the pile. Whether it is reading for fun or business and industry research, I think most people have a goal to read more. As a writer reading becomes even more important. Reading is a writer’s version of hitting the gym. (*Cough* New Year’s Resolutions, anyone?) You have to develop your writing muscle and reading helps you do this. Reading also helps you keep on trend with what is going on in your industry and can be a fountain of inspiration.

TIP: Smarty suggests taking articles you want to read and email them to yourself. I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want is another email in my inbox. I prefer Feedly.  Another tip provided for busy people; which is pretty much everyone, is to listen to audio books and podcasts. You can consume these mediums on your commute, while you make dinner or at the gym. Cyfe can also help ensure you stay on top of your reading by offering a dashboard service. The dashboard helps you monitor trends within your industry and find articles that best fit your interests. Time can no longer be an excuse to put off reading. (Must remember, must remember)

2. Your Mind is Not a Steel Trap (Sorry)

Now that you’re reading and the inspiration is flowing, you should write down your ideas as they pop up. Don’t make your brain hold onto to every idea, that’s why pen and paper was invented. Use your phone or laptop to remember ideas. Every time an idea for content pops up write it down! You can take this tip even further and write down the idea, as well as a quick outline of what the article will look like. Let your brain unload even if it doesn’t all make sense, the information will provide value when you finally sit down to write your post. Doing this pregame work means when you actually get time to write the article you are miles ahead.

3. Call In For Back Up

Blogging can be a solely journey most of the time, but in order to keep up new ideas as well as find and provide useful content you have to lean on others. Smarty suggests a number of different tools such as; MyblogU, Quro and Haro that can help with brainstorming content ideas. These tools are designed to collect information and provide you with inspiration for potential content for your blog. For example MyblogU lets you crowd source your idea and get a sense if others think the idea is as exciting and newsworthy as you do. Just like we tend to use Facebook – but, if you don’t want to do that take this for a spin.

When things get boring or over produced- switch it up! Sometimes you get stuck in thinking of information and content being delivered in only one way. For example a writer can struggle to find an alternative way to offer content to their readers. But, content can be provided in a number of different forms such as; infographics, videos, podcasts or animated instructions. Choosing a new way to present information can refuel your energy and open a window for new ideas and inspiration to flow through.

4. Share With Thy Fellow Blogger

Lastly, us bloggers are busy people and usually enjoy hearing and reading about tools that help save time and money. Exploring the latest tools that solve problems is always a great way to come up with new content. There are so many tools out there, most of which are free or very inexpensive. Trying them out and seeing how they can or could solve everyday problems can be a great source of useful content for readers. Plus, you may find great solutions to your own dilemma along the way.

What tips and tricks are you using for your dealership blog?

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