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“Big Data” Live Web Cast with Dataium and HookLogic

Anyone that keeps up with us here on DealerRefresh know that we love to talk about some of the latest technologies and how they relate or can be used in our industry. One of these emerging technologies is Dataium.

Dataium pushes the envelope by giving greater visibility into online consumer shopping behavior and the path to their next vehicle purchase. We have also talked about its potential to Revolutionize Automotive Digital Marketing and the Role of CRM. Speaking of digital marketing and Dataium, be sure to check out this Webinar on Friday (August 17th) at 11:30 AM EDT.

HookLogic will be hosting this Webinar with Dataium. The Dataium crew are big fans of HookLogic. Why? – because as enlightening it is to have great data, you need an executable.

Side Note: This webinar will include how HookLogic Automotive is using Dataium in their Lead to Show feature.

Dataium’s Cloud Intelligence® (CI) Platform, which HookLogic now leverages to make automated real-time decisions, aggregates billions of behavioral events and consumer activity allowing dealerships across the US to work with executables like HookLogic’s AutoHook to provide timely personalized offers and incentives to people shopping for a vehicle.

To explain how, Sean Murphy from Dataium will discuss the following topics on Friday August 17 at 11:30 AM EDT.



In this webinar, Sean will also explore…

  • Knowing the Future – Today’s shopper behavior predicts tomorrow’s shopping trends.
  • Knowing Your Customer – Dataium sees the entire online buying process, from keyword usage, inventory searches, lead submission, and everything in between.
  • Knowing Your Website’s Performance – Unlike most other web analytics providers, Dataium enhances website statistics with comparative industry, brand, and market benchmarks.
  • Automated Data-based Decisions – With HookLogic’s Lead2Show program you can automatically incent shoppers the minute they show new signs of wanting to buy a vehicle.
Let us demonstrate precisely how much clarity you can achieve utilizing Dataium’s Cloud Intelligence® solution in conjunction with AutoHook. As the largest aggregator of online automotive shopper behavior Dataium can provide you greater visibility into the consumer path to purchase than ever before. By analyzing the online shopping behavior of over 100 million auto shoppers across a diverse network of automotive manufacturer, dealership, and retail portal websites, you can finally remove the blinders to attribution, influence, comparative performance, and in-market activity.

One Year of Service Free

As an added bonus, everyone that attends this webinar will qualify for one full year of Dataium‘s comprehensive Cloud Intelligence® (CI) service absolutely free.

If you have had some questions around Dataium and how to use the data, I would encourage you to attend this webinar.

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