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Foursquare for Car Dealers Webinar

Can Foursquare be an effective social media communications tool for retail car dealers?

If you not sure what Foursquare is yet, it’s a location-based social networking site which requires the use of your mobile phone or mobile device to check in to venues/businesses.

To “check in” requires you log in to Foursquare, pull up a list of places or venues that have been added to by other users and use the Check In button. If the venue doesn’t exist you can add it by entering the name and address. Beyond the individual aspect lies an intriguing marketing opportunity.

Get it for your iPhone, Blackberry or Andriod

During this webinar; the one and only Mr. Eric Miltsch will be sharing some of the activities used within the Auction Direct USA Foursquare Venue during the next AC Social webinar Thursday May 13 at 11:30am EST.

Some of the topics covered will be:

  • New-school engagement using “location-based marketing” concepts
  • Creating memorable, interactive experiences for guests
  • Leveraging our networks w/regards to surrounding businesses for promotions & the breadth of our personal networks
  • Improving brand recognition
  • Driving traffic
  • Creating sales opportunities

Join Eric on Thursday May 13 at 11:30am.  The presentation will last around 30-40 minutes.

To register for this event use the link below. If you are already registered with the AC Social webinar series then there is no need to re-register. Likewise if you have an interest in this topic but can not make this particular webinar, click here to view our schedule of events or sign up to receive email and text alerts for all upcoming webinars.

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Thank you! I've been thinking about foursquare for awhile and this post pushed me to join foursquare, set up our dealership, and register for the webinar!
I'm not sure im on board with this program yet, a little creepy?
This could be an awesome marketing tool if used properly, I've set up our dealership and linked it to my other social networking sites...Jeff, thanks for the article. Always good stuff.
I'm in! Glad you're putting this on Eric.
Thx Alex -

Hope you were able to make it...

@Mike - hope you were able to as well. (and it didn't come off as "creepy" lol)
  • J
    Jeff Kershner
  • May 15, 2010
I suck - I was coordinating phone training thursday at the same time. How did the webinare go?
It went well! I have been procrastinating setting up foursquare and now I have! Just like the other Social Media it will be a long term process!
Eric - sorry it has taken me so long to give you feedback.

I have to admit that I was put-off by the length of Ryan's plugs. I timed him, and it was well over 10 minutes before we got to anything beyond an advertisement. I don't mind the plugs, but I would suggest he limit his time spent doing that for future webinars to 2 minutes or less. Both Christine and I had a hard time listening to your opening because we were so put-off by the infomercial.

It was good to see foursquare being acknowledged with a webinar. I agreed with everything you said, and recognize location-based "social medias" as potential advertising platforms. They are far from main-stream, but they're good for building fans and buzz.

Recently, I had a long conversation with my dad who is working to help promote a local concert venue. They get bands like The Who, Stone Temple Pilots, and Ringo Starr - these shows are easy to sell tickets for. However, it is a struggle to get some of the lesser-known shows promoted because the regular ticket sales media channels are so dead: radio, newspaper, and TV. TicketMaster's website is the strongest one that is left, but they only promote their own stuff. How do you find out what concerts are coming?

We talked about facebook, SEM, MySpace, and even iPhone apps ads. When you put all of this together you reach an audience the size of say what the radio used to reach, but it is very hard to track exactly which medium did what. It got me thinking about the true difficulties of advertising today. There is really no way to know what triggered a customer to seek out your brand. So, foursquare becomes another arrow in a larger quiver of numerous advertising medias. Except your bow doesn't shoot one arrow at a time - it is a machine gun. In order to reach your old audiences, you have to blanket the world in your arrows knowing that most won't hit, but the few that do need to go straight for the kill.

Webinars like this, very media-specific (talking about just one arrow) are so valuable today. You did a great job helping people understand how to use foursquare. It would be great if you continued the series: Google Buzz, Whrrl, Yelp!, etc. People need to know how to aim each arrow for the kill.