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Rent a Car From Someone Nearby with Getaround.com

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Rent cars from real people.

Not totally relevant to DealerRefresh, but here’s a neat concept I would have never thought of…

Rent a Vehicle from complete stranger by the day or hour with Getaround.com. Browse all sorts of cars shared by people in your neighborhood. Really!

Heck, you can earn some cash money with the service too.

Share your car and earn money while you’re not using it. Sharing your car just 15 hours per week can earn you an extra $350 each month.

Reserve your rental car using their iPhone app.  Don’t have an iPhone? You can do everything from our website, but you’ll need to meet the car owner to pick up the keys.

I don’t know about this one – very interesting concept but I can only imagine some of the people that would want to rent a car for a few hours…

I did find a cool 2010 Fusion Red Tesla Roadster to rent.

Telsa rental on Getaround.comHead over to Getaround.com and find a car to rent for a few hours…

What car would you rent for a few hours??

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  • May 27, 2011
I can think of several reasons to use a car for a couple of hours, but you forfiet your car if you get caught doing them.  What about the insurance issues?
Very interesting & surely a different concept... I would have to do some background checks on the individual before they hop in my ride... 

Good stuff. Connecting people with solutions within a niche like this is so easy now.

Along the same lines, except for people needing a place to stay (or have a place to rent) check out Airbnb. Just launched and already has a $1BB market valuation. http://www.airbnb.com/

The iPhone app is incredible as well...