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What’s this…Grant Cardone on iPod, or is it the “GPod”?

OK, this is my first initial attempt with my own videos on DealerRefresh. I got really excited about Grant Cardon’s new "GPod" and thought it would be fun to do a small video on it. It’s all of Grant’s training CD’s and DVD’s stuffed into an Apple iPod.

I know this might come off a little on the sales pitchy side but believe me, it’s truly not intended to be that way. I have been following Grant Cardone’s training for many years and if you want to sell more cars, there is nothing better then consistent training. I think Grant’s new "GPod" is on the cutting edge for delivering training to the automotive dealer industry. It’s no doubt a powerful tool!

Props to you Grant!

Note: Nic Olsen over at put together a nice little promo for all DealerRefresh readers if would would be interested. Be sure to watch the video in it’s entirety and then give Nic a call at 310-777-0293.

Founder of DealerRefresh - 20+ Years of dealership Sales, Management, Training, Marketing and Leadership.
I agree Jeff, great idea by Mr. Cardone! BTW... you did a good job with your first DealerRefresh vid too. Tag those things properly and watch them soar to high placement in the search engines (especially Google).
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    Jeff Kershner
  • March 8, 2008
Thanks Shaun. I have been working on the tags and you 'll see me using video more in the near future.

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    Tre Martin
  • March 8, 2008

I've cruised your blog for a few months now - it's interesting. But I have to ask: What kind of persona were you trying to get across in your video?

You come off as a wannabe gangster - and I stress wannabe. Like a suburban kid who tries to be street - but you can tell it's just a front.

A chubby white guy (you) working at a car dealership doesn't give you much to work with, I understand, but perhaps if you acted genuine and not "ghetto-fab", I would have enjoyed it more.

If you want to be so "dope," lose about 30 pounds, get out of the cubicle with florescent lighting, get some clothes seen on somebody under 30 and just be real. Later.

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    Jeff Kershner
  • March 8, 2008

I try my best to keep the gangsta contained inside but it still likes to surface at times. That's not even a cubicle, it's my friends basement, I live on the streets in a cardboard box.

Geesh, cut a guy a break. I've been on Jenny Craig for 6 months but the last 30 lbs have been tough, plus the camera adds another 10 lbs.

Seriously though "Tre". Thanks for your comments and constructive feedback. You're obviously a person of great integrity.

Why not give me a call and we can discuss on how I can improve my persona? 240-217-1740 any day of the week before 6pm would be cool with me (after that I'm usually with the family). I look forward to speaking with you.

Thanks again Tre.
Dude, that was incredible what you did with the Gpod.
Thank you as I want more sales people to benefit from the data loaded on that format as they will learn to find answers for themselves when they have problems they need to overcome.

Success is only obtained when a person can reach a goal or target regardless of the obstacles. And to the degree that someone can figure out how to overcome the obstacles for themselves they build confidence! You will help people more than they know!

Really respect your "doingness" and initiative and would like show my thanks by having you come out for my birthday party and book release on April 12th . I also want to get you a signed copy of my first of three books! gc
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    Jeff Kershner
  • March 8, 2008
Grant, it's an honor to have your feedback on DealerRefresh!

I'm glad you like the video. I thought the Gpod was such a great idea that I wanted everyone on DR to know about it. There's no excuse for anyone not to have one.

I already pre-ordered 2 signed copies of your book when I ordered my Gpod. BUT I might just have to take you up on the offer for your Birthday Party / Book Release.

Thanks Grant.
Nice job on the first DR video y0! Yur Internets skillz be phat bro! Jenny Craig doesn't work too well - try Weight Watchers. I think they'll even thrown in an additional 32 meals if you sign-up after the next TV commercial.

Grant - fantastic idea!

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    Jeff Kershner
  • March 9, 2008
Geesh, thank for everyone support. I think I might start to get a complex here.
Tre said: "You come off as a wannabe gangster - and I stress wannabe. Like a suburban kid who tries to be street - but you can tell it's just a front."

It is my experience that most of the guys who call themselves "Tre" are nerdy white guys named Trevor who saw the movie "Boyz N the Hood" and idolize its main character, "Tre Styles."

Tre, do everybody a favor and keep your dumbass comments to yourself, or go "cruise" somebody else's blog. Jeff's "persona" is part of the reason this blog is as popular as it has become.
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  • March 10, 2008
Looks like a powerful training tool, and a great way to put a twist on existing technology. Kudos Grant, and Jeff for sharing with the DR community.

On another note, I often question why some people (Tre) feel the need to waste time by posting irrelevant comments. Using a post comment to attack someone on a personal level? Please. Cmon Tre, Jeff is gangsta and you know it. I heard he did time in public school back in the day and used to roll with the ACC's (reference Malibu's Most Wanted):

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    Jeff Kershner
  • March 11, 2008
Jake...TOO FUNNY!!

You left it out of the bag Jake. I am B-Rad!!

I'm amz whoz I says I amz! Damnnn.


U da Man!

That was great of you to post a video on the gPod. (and mention me and the deal)

Looking forward to the party

Nik Olsen
Training Specialist
Cardone Training Technologies, Inc.
Yeah definitely read who moved my cheese.

See, you can do video! Good job man it looked great. I'm goin to have to get the gPod!
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  • March 25, 2008
Isn't it nice how Jeff has created this site for us all to enjoy, learn from and prosper... and along comes this twirp named Tre... who steps in his own poop. Lovely!
Is the gPod still available?
is he gPod still available?