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How to Reach the Mobile, Millennial Buyers


How to Sell to Younger The Generation Using Mobile

Both your current and future buyers are mobilized. Almost the entire millennial generation will have mobile phones by the end of the year, 75% are expected to use smartphones and 8 in 10 affluent consumers over 21 already do. Mobile is even strongly embraced by the 35-44 and 45-55 age brackets.

And, while you might be creating mobile websites, ads or apps, appealing to the mobile shopper of any age isn’t just about the technology. You have to appeal to their mindset.

Give Immediate Attention

Look at your phone. You likely have zero unread texts and a heap of unopened emails, even though Forrester says 6 billion text messages are sent each day. Texts embody the right-here-right-now immediacy that people love about mobile tech in general…and are starting to demand when they’re car shopping.

One step toward meeting that demand is treating mobile shoppers like they’re on your lot. You wouldn’t greet a customer face-to-face, get their contact information, and send them on their way for you to call back. Yet many dealers do that with car shoppers in their virtual showroom who have questions. It turns a customer ready to talk about a car right now into someone you’ll get back to later. And mobile shoppers aren’t sitting still. They’ll thumb their way right on over to your competitor’s site.

Reach Mobile Users with Dealer Chat & Text

Several technologies allow you to converse with your mobile shoppers in real time so they rarely have to wait. Live chat and mobile text are examples, and both can appeal to consumers who may prefer texting and chatting more than phone calls.

Here are a few strategies to consider:

  • Include click-to-chat or text buttons as calls to action on mobile banner ads. Google’s data shows that click-through rates improve 6-8% for mobile ads with click-to-call functionality. Click-to-chat (or text) offers even more convenience, especially to shoppers who simply can’t call at that moment.
  • Add these buttons to your mobile websites, third-party ad listings and social media to capture any questions that pop up while shoppers view your inventory.
  • Be more available to talk with shoppers by using mobile chat apps (offered by chat providers). You don’t have to stay in the office to respond to these leads!
  • Don’t annoy shoppers (or abuse their privacy) with text blasts. Use an inbound texting solution that lets the mobile shopper text you questions for response.

Technology aside, it’s the quick, real-time conversations as they’re researching that mobile shoppers crave. Such conversations can influence their end auto purchases…and there’s just no app for that. Are you willing to make the change?

Take the Challenge!

Go ahead, right now…check your cell phone. How many unread text messages do you have versus emails?
Tell us below in the comments!

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