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Who’s Engaging More with Your Email Marketing?

Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, AOL and Hotmail may all seem the same but are their users?

MailChimp helped with an eMarketer study on the engagement of email users across the different major email service providers and according to the study, Gmail users are more likely to Open and Click on your emails. I think this could be due to the “trust” factor that Gmail users have with NOT getting Spam. I have been using Gmail since it was introduced and I know if an email makes it into my in-box, there’s a 99% chance that I want to read it or have opted-in for it at one time.

When asking your customers for their email address, ask them for their Gmail address! 🙂


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gmail by far has the best email service. I've seen articles saying that gmail will be the #1 email provider in a few months as it continues to rapidly grow.
Also gmail deliverability is awesome too. We use a private label version of it for our business and have yet to have any problems with our messages being treated as spam from an isp.