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5 Things You Don’t Understand About Social Media

We hear it time and time again, that digital marketing and social media are two of the most important ways to catch the eyes of your customer and interact. But the car industry is still notoriously behind in these aspects, for the most part. So where are we missing the mark? Here’s 5 important things about business social media that you may not know, but that will help boost your company and take you to the big leagues.

1. Interaction is everything. Social media is about just that, being social! Just posting a few times a day or week isn’t enough. You need to interact with commenters, be willing to answer questions, and be a real presence on social media. It’s the perfect way to let your customers know that you aren’t some faceless company, but that you are real people doing real work.

2. Consistency, consistency, consistency. Being regular and consistent with the number of posts, the tone of your voice, and the daily posting schedule is so important! Making sure that you aren’t overwhelming your audience, but also ensuring that they get to see posts from you regularly, is a fine balance, but one that you can achieve. Test what time of day your posts get the best interactions, find out which tone of voice gets the best responses, and then be consistent with your findings!

3. Schedule posts. Make sure that overnight and weekends aren’t a dead spot for your social media. Schedule out posts to go out after you leave the office in the evening, over the weekends, and over holidays! You don’t have to have people working at their computer on Saturday, but you can ensure that your social media is working for you even when nobody is in the office!

4. Promote your posts. Don’t just post on social media, make sure you are utilizing your social media by promoting your posts. For just a few dollars, you can get a lot more eyes on your ads and posts. These small promotions can expand your audience and help you gain new followers. You can target local people, certain age categories and other demographic information!

5. Create great content. All of your social media efforts will be in vain if you aren’t creating valuable content. Make sure you have creative, interesting, visual and easy-to-read content. Filling your content with lots of numbers, too much jargon, or not using images won’t help you on social media. Find creative ways to make people laugh or think, and don’t be afraid to be different than your competition! Most people don’t know the price of a specific vehicle, so if you’re using numbers talk about discounts or rebates, rather than the exact price.

Following these social media tips will help you utilize this valuable tool, and reach a whole new audience that you didn’t know you could have!

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