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Do Not Use This New Google My Business Feature

Do not use Google’s new “Temporarily closed” GMB label if your dealership needs to temporarily close due to COVID-19.

The problem with using this new feature is that you’ll first have to contact GMB support. There isn’t currently an option for you to access this label on the dashboard. Also, you won’t be able to receive any new reviews while you have this label.

Also, as of 3/19, SEMrush is saying GMB listings with the temporarily closed label are:

  • Not showing in the map pack (but showing in the local finder)
  • Ranking below locations that were not marked as temporarily closed or with no missing hours.

I DO NOT recommend this option because GMB’s support team is currently limited due to COVID-19.

This means there will likely be a delay in help. That’s problematic because customers might visit your dealership because they see that you’re open on GMB when your store is actually closed. This could result in a negative review, which you don’t want.

You will also need to contact support again once your business reopens. This process is especially cumbersome if you have or manage multiple dealership locations.

To limit those risks, avoid this option altogether.

What you should do: Update the special hours section

Google allows you to update your special hours to show specific hours or when the store is closed. Use this section to fill out at least two weeks’ worth of hours to mark your dealership as being temporarily closed.

Repeat the above process by replacing the previous hours with another two weeks’ worth of hours if your dealership will be closed longer.

Temporary Closed - GMB Hours - Dealer Teamwork

Update special hours in GMB to reflect temporary closure

Another idea: Create a What’s new post

After updating your GMB hours, another good idea involves creating a “What’s new” GMB post to inform your customers why and how long your store location will be temporarily closed.

Let your customers know if your service center is still open in a separate post as well. Include a call-to-action button that links to your website’s service center page to drive shoppers to that page.

Here’s an example:

Kool Chevrolet Temporarily Closed GMB Post Example

Drive shoppers to your website’s service center page with a “What’s new” post

You can also use an “Offers” post to drive shoppers to your service center page on your website.

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