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Mosley Automotive Group “Online Sales Success Workshop”

Mosley_logo Last week I attended the Mosley Automotive Group “Online Sales Success Workshop”.

First, let me thank Cory Mosley for the opportunity to attend his seminar and to meet him and his staff. The seminar was informative, especially for the beginning to intermediate ISM or the GSM or GM who is finally realizing that the industry is changing and it’s time to get on board and understand this stuff.

Cory began the seminar with a brief summary of the topics that were going to be touched on throughout the day. I found Cory to be an impressive speaker who does a nice job of holding your attention. He keeps you in the real world, touching on stories of his past as an ISM; stories with which we can all empathize.

The day flowed well from one speaker to the next. Speakers included;
Cory Mosley himself
Leonard Satisk from Mosley Automotive
Jeff Clark from
Joe Vraneza from Kely Blue Book
Darrell Steele from OnStation
and a few others, with each having over an hour to discuss their topic of expertise. No one seemed out to just pitch their product, which was refreshing. There were a few plugs here and there, of course, but they were lithe and inviting.

Lunch was particularly enjoyable; Cory had us sit at designated tables and prescribed us with a task that encouraged everyone to interact. Conversations at my table ranged from SEM and CRM to process and marketing. There is nothing better than having the opportunity to speak with colleagues. I know I starve for conversation with others in the same position as myself. At most dealerships it’s not as if you can step over to the next ISM desk or even slide into the GM’s office to talk about ISM and dealer technology. Because most are still lost on the subject, the conversation ends quickly.

One idea that struck a chord with me is to ask your customer if they want the “Internet Special” or the “Manager Monthly Special Price”. Placing a time restraint on the price can give you an idea of where the customer is mentally. I’m not going to get into this too deeply…find out when the seminar is going to be in your area and pay attention when Leonard Satisky is speaking. It’s good stuff!

The seminar lasted the entire scheduled time. There was no leaving early…Cory had the day filled, which is nice when you spend good money to attend a seminar like this. I love going to these seminars for a little recharging; and you can always pick up something new or something you forgot. This one was no exception. If you’re a beginning or intermediate ISM or a GM, take the time to attend! Thanks, Cory!

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