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People Want to Talk to People on the Phone

Adwords recently announced a new call-only campaign that allows dealerships (and other businesses) to promote and encourage consumers to give them a call. With call-only ads, a click is directly translated into a phone call. This means MORE CALLS!

Did you know that about 70 percent of mobile searchers call a business directly from search results?

Prior to the call-only campaign, Adwords had a call extension feature which allowed dealerships to promote their phone number within an ad. This feature proved to be useful; however the call-only campaign is much more deliberate and direct with its tactics. If a consumer had any indecision about calling with the previous call extension feature, that feeling will be extinguished as the new campaign puts the telephone number upfront in bigger, bolder and bright blue text.

This strategy is going to more successful for dealerships because we rely on those calls. If you find yourself banging your head against a wall because you’re sick of counting website clicks – this could be for you.

The campaign, like all good marketing campaigns has a clear call to action with the call button. Because of this call to action, it is important to clarify that people can reach you directly. This means incorporating messaging such as “Check availability on your next vehicle” or “Book service appointment.” Maybe even appeal to the millennial crowd by using cheeky wording such as “want to talk to an actual and factual real person?” The list is really endless – and, easy to switch up.

Once your customer understands what they are clicking on, and WANT to click on it, it is your responsibility to put into action your strategy to get the most value out of each call.

But, that’s a different post all together…..

Have you started getting creative with your AdWords campaigns now that this has been rolled out? What have you noticed? More calls, more floor traffic?

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