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Vast Launches CarStory Insights to Transform the Future of Auto Sales

Dealers Can Now Tap Predictive Analytics to Maximize Turn & Profits

AUSTIN, Texas—September 19, 2017— CarStory , the automotive AI platform from Vast , today unveiled CarStory Insights , the first product to predict when cars will sell and for how much. CarStory Insights builds on 12 years of data and analytics expertise. Combining this with AI and machine learning, CarStory Insights alerts dealers to issues on their lot before they cost them profits. For the first time, dealers can use the power of AI to sell cars at the right time, for the right price, maximizing inventory turn and profit.

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“With CarStory Insights , dealers can stop guessing and start knowing,” said John Price, CEO of Vast. “It not only predicts which vehicles will cut into your profits, but also gives recommendations on what steps to take next. There is nothing else like it on the market today.”

An expansion of CarStory’s proven analytics and AI platform, Insights constantly analyzes a dealer’s lot to provide timely alerts, accurate sales predictions and smart pricing recommendations. Instead of scanning historical automotive data to make inferences on sales, Insights uses predictive analytics to see the trends that are coming. As a result, dealers are empowered to make more intelligent sales decisions, increasing their efficiency by eliminating the need to constantly monitor the market.

Dealers can pinpoint slow or fast turning vehicles in their inventory in seconds—allowing more time to take the steps that mitigate a loss. Features of CarStory Insights include:

Turn Drivers
Highlights the vehicle features that help cars sell in a local market and compares those to every vehicle on a dealer’s lot.

Smart Pricing
Provides pricing recommendations based on how each price will change the days to sell.

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Market Rank
Provides a detailed comparison how each vehicle stacks up against the local competition.

Sales Alerts
Get notified via phone or email whenever Insights detects an issue in the market or on your lot.

Instant Share
Notifications can be easily shared with members of a dealer team.

CarStory Insights is available to select dealers today. If you would like to get on the waitlist, please visit .

About CarStory
Powered by the industry’s largest database of inventory and shopper insights, CarStory uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help both consumers and dealers make confident decisions. With a network of over 7,000 dealers nationwide, and touching over 15 million consumers a month, CarStory is the leading automotive analytics platform in the industry. To learn more or sign up, visit:

About Vast
Vast is the leader in Automotive Vertical AI for automotive industry, applying domain knowledge, expertise and content to service customer-acquisition, vehicle sales and data analysis. Vast’s auto platform, CarStory, supports a number of products including CarStory Market Reports and Founded in 2005, Vast is the premier provider of automotive big data solutions for the largest brands in automotive. Learn more at

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