Why We Suck!

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I’m going to assume that you’re like me; you didn’t dream of working at a dealership.  NASA, the court room, or even the White House were probably more along the lines of what mommy and daddy got you thinking about early on.  But here we are pounding pavement and fighting for pennies.

What brought you here?…needed some money for some reason I bet.  Did you intend to keep doing this after you got that needed money?  NO!!!??  Why the hell are you still here???!!!  So basically you’re telling me the next best thing hasn’t come along yet.  How long will it be before you stop looking for the next best thing?

The car dealership is temporary.

This is why we’re scum.  This is why we can’t get CRM right.  This is why we can’t answer a phone. This is why there is a revolving door on the front of every dealership.

This is not what we wanted to do, and there’s  something better on the horizon – right?

Well…Maybe not. Maybe you should look at it another way.

So you think selling cars is NOT a career but could “selling” be a career? Hell yes! One of the highest paid professions is SALES and with out selling, the world would stop.

You’re not in the business of selling cars, you are in the business of SALES and building your own network of raving fans. SO why NOT commit today to using your CRM, answering the phone like a professional, following up with your potential clients while keeping yourself trained. Commit and make “sales” your career!

– This is a combo-posting by Alex and Jeff.

Question: What got you into the car business and have you truly committed to a career in sales?

About the Author

Alex Snyder

Alex was one of the automotive industry's first eCommerce Directors. Whether it is the latest Internet trend or the oldest selling philosophy, Alex Snyder has a unique approach to the automotive business because of his years of experience. During these years Alex was introduced to Jeff and became a integral part of DealerRefresh. Alex has since moved from the front line of the dealership and is now the Senior Director of Product Design at Dealer.com

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