Car Dealer Sues Customer Over YouTube Repair Video

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Car Dealer Sues Customer Over YouTube Repair Video 

Unhappy customers with a platform can create challenges for any business.

Unhappy customers with cameras and YouTube access can create a few more challenges.  For example, what happened between this unhappy customer who is being sued by the dealership that performed his repairs.

Car dealer sues Fenton man over repair YouTube video

What would you do in a situation like this? Has this ever happened to you?

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Social Media’s Greatest Strength is the Data that Few Dealers are Using

This is part 3 in a 4 part series about automotive social media strategies that are emerging to help car dealers get true benefit. It’s not just about branding. It’s not about auto-feeding marketing content. With the right strategies in a place, dealers can drive foot traffic and website visitors in a way that can help them sell more vehicles and drive more service customers.

Social Media Series with JD Rucker

Who Knows More: Google or Facebook?

We know a few things about automotive social media. We know that there are three stages and we know that it should drive business. Now, let’s discuss how to position its best asset.

Whenever I speak to dealers about the various digital marketing venues, there is one response that is certain and another that is hit or miss. When I mention the word, “Google”, it has been about four or five years since I’ve heard a dealer tell me that their presence there isn’t important. On the other hand, when I mention the word, “Facebook”, I get equally passionate responses from both sides of the spectrum.

Some see it as an important component that rests somewhere between Google and Bing on the value scale. Others see it as a complete waste of time for their dealership.

An Often Overlooked Lo-Tech Pitfall of Hi-Tech Dealerships

Examples of poor follow-up techniques to “internet leads” are a dime a dozen.

Question Answer

And while it can feel like a waste of time to keep following up with an unresponsive lead or prospect, have you ever asked yourself – is their “unresponsiveness” the result of something you did or did NOT do right?

You only get one chance to make a great first impression!

For months now, I have been studying each of our dealership’s initial responses, and follow-up frequency to internet leads and its effect on our lead to show rate.

A study recently published by Pied Piper and summarized here by Jeff , shows that many dealerships continue to struggle with effective responses to internet leads.

Bad Habits of Automotive BDC Depts

An often overlooked component of the BDC first response is the answer to the customer’s question.

An often-overlooked component of the first response is the answer to the customer’s question

2014 Mobile World Congress Recap


photo 1

An amazing demo of their mobile solution

Picture two young men, sitting in wheelchairs next to each other. Their body movement restricted by a severe mental/physical handicap. No way to communicate with each other.

Their wheelchairs each have a shiny new mobile device and a big yellow button on their armrest. A cross-hair tracking tool lets them select an application. They speed through the simple UI and select an app using the button. Before I can realize it, he sent his friend a message. He laughs, his eyes grow large and I can feel the pure joy he’s experiencing.

His friend responds and he shows the same huge smile. He looks up at me as if proudly showing off what he just did. I wiped my eyes after seeing this.

This was how I knew my first visit to the 2014 Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain was going to be incredible.

The MWC is the world’s largest mobile conference with over 80,000 attendees representing 200 countries; four days of mobile technology solutions within five pavilions the size of football stadiums. It’s more than massive. This is the Disney World of mobile technology and I was a little kid on his first visit to the park.

photo 4-1

Arriving at one of the wearable devices displays

The bleeding-edge mobile mindset, products and services introduced at the MWC set the standards for the pending trends the rest of the world experiences during the next 12-18 months.

Are You Ready for the Mobile Shopper?

In 2013, almost 200 million tablets were sold and smartphone ownership exceeded 58% across the nation.

vehicle research by mobile device

Consumers are quickly moving to cross-platform browsing, accessing information on their desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. As shoppers shift freely between these devices, your dealerships online presence MUST adapt.

Major online vehicle shopping sites are seeing the effects of the change firsthand. Almost 50% of the 30 million visits experienced in February originated on a tablet or smartphone, which of course indicates that car shoppers are comfortable researching and shopping for their next vehicle on mobile devices.

Consumers Embracing Mobile Research

While it can be difficult to determine if customers are using a tablet or a smartphone, the general rule of thumb is that if it is possible to do something on a smartphone, (like shop for a vehicle) people are going to do it.

A recent study by Placed Inc., for, found that 63% of car shoppers are now using smartphones to conduct research and help make buying decisions at dealerships. The study also found that a whopping 25% are using only a smartphone to do research before heading in to a dealership.

Let’s take a moment to let that sink in…

Revolutionary CRM Tool Enters Market

Single and ready to mingle?

iHookup is the best dating CRM

Finding your perfect partner in today’s Internet era is a whole new venture. You have seen the endless commercials for dating sites like, eHarmony, and even specialty sites like and, but once you join, how did you handle your leads? Your revolutionary solution is here, the industry’s first CRM tool for managing relationships – iHookup.

iHookup features several modules and tools that help you to find that elusive soul mate. And it all starts with our inventory module. iHookup comes with a customized camera that fully integrates with the platform to ensure that your inventory (that would be YOU that you are trying to sell…) is best presented. Go ahead, take that picture and upload it to iHookup. In a matter of minutes, the photo optimization tools provided by iHookup will take inches off your waist, wrinkles off your face, and give you a profile pic that would make Glamour Shots envious.

Don’t worry, if you are trying to move an older, higher mileage model, iHookup has a large selection of stock photos of younger, fit models that will be certain to attract lots of attention. Our auto-comments feature will help you put together the best profile possible. Example comments include: “Plenty of miles left in this baby”, “This amazing person will handle anything mother nature can throw at it”, and “This is the person you are looking for to get great mileage on your way to work!”

Now that we have your inventory optimized with photos and a great description, iHookup will feed your data to multiple dating sites, including, eHarmony,,, and more. As the leads pour in from these sites, iHookup’s ILM/CRM tool will help you to set the appointment for that first date.

Working the lead correctly will give you the best chance of meeting that soul-mate. Response time is key, with alerts being sent to your email and cell phone. Appearing too eager and responding too quickly can lead to failure, so car guys are a perfect match for this with an average response time of several hours if not days. iHookup includes several proven templates and phone scripts to help you set the appointment for that date. Check out some of these great examples: