Get your week started with some insightful slides around mobile. Benedict Evans from 16z’s shares HOW and WHY mobile changes everything. We have and have had (and will have many more) great discussions around mobile and it’s effect on our industry in particular.

Slide 25 – “Half of all time spent online, in the USA is in Smartphone Apps”. But does a dealership need a Mobile App? We’ve had this debate many times over.

As for mobile traffic alone, here’s a screen shot from just over 5 years to a Toyota dealers website…

mobile analytics 2010

and here we are at its latest…

Car Dealer Mobile Traffic


Building a Service BDC


We are putting together a BDC for our group of dealerships.

We will be starting with Service/Fixed Ops first. I’ve checked out a few services already, but I’d like to check out a few more BDC consulting companies (specializing on the Service side) to help us get started.

Any recommendations?

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Study: What Digital Drivers Want

A recent study by Accenture revealed what Digital Drivers Want:

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 9.32.53 AM

The Automotive Industry Digital Survey yielded the following key findings:

  • Fifty-four percent want information tailored to their needs while researching a new car via online channels.
  • Thirty-six percent already use online channels to narrow their search for a vehicle as an initial step on the path to purchase.
  • Sixty-three percent stated they would consider purchasing a new car in an online auction.
  • Chinese, Americans and Brazilians appear more interested in online digital experiences compared to other countries.

Check out the cool infographic: Automotive Industry Digital Drivers


Car Dealer Industry Averages?

Often times I read articles or posts where some sort of industry average is mentioned. Sometimes it’s a closing %, cost per lead, cost per sale, etc. My question is is there any single place where this information is published or is it just reading the right article at the right time? I am putting a lot of effort into determining all of these different stats internally but would like to know how we stack up against the industry averages. My personal thought is we can always be better in stats like I mentioned regardless of industry averages. But inquiring minds need to know ;)

Any thoughts or resources shared are greatly appreciated!

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Why your BDC Manager Can’t Be Your Administrative Assistant

Your business is booming, you’ve got your sales teams, desk managers and finance managers all ready to go. But, you have these “things” coming into your CRM from somewhere else. They’re INTERNET LEADS! What about phone calls?


You’ve decided it’s time – time to set up an “Internet Department” or a “Business Development Center.”  You’ve hired some people – 20-somethings fresh out of college kids looking for a “Real Job.” But, who’s to run this little venture?

And, then it hits you “My Administrative Assistant can do it! She (or He) is organized, able to delegate and is able to keep people on-track.  Who cares if she doesn’t know anything about the industry? “Does out-the-door refer to taking a car off the showroom floor?” (Raise your hand if you’ve heard this before).

Must Read Books for 2015!


A few months ago we decided to start a Managers Reading Series.

Each manager gets a chance to pick a book. We read a few chapters and during our weekly management meeting we discuss how it relates to our business, dealing with employees, customers, life, etc. There is no limitations on what to read other than it needs to bring value to our team and help us to become even better leaders.

So far we’ve read 3 great books; “Eat Mor Chikin, Inspire More People“, “The Go Giver” (my pick) and we are on “The Leadership Pill“.

I have a goal this year to read a new book every other week. Easier said than done at times with a 2 and 9 year old. Tuesday I was at the GM Compass tour and Todd Smith was talking about different generations and how each wants to be treated in their buying process. Millennials being the greatest opportunity we have now!

Two things I’d like to ask from the DealerRefresh community:

  1. Share your reading list..
  2. Share your best book on Millennials..

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