Is Your Website Alienating Auditory and Visual Learners?

I normally don’t read a printed newspaper unless I’m traveling on the road and pickup a free copy at the United Club or at a hotel. I prefer to read my news online. I visit,,, or to see what is happening around the globe. Regardless of which online news service you visit, have you noticed how many stories are exclusively video links on the home page?


Take a look at the homepage below. I have added orange stars where a video story is displayed on their open page. There are 21 video stories on the home page for this day!

Video Wasn’t Added By Accident

Mobile DSES Review with AutoMotion


Excitement filled the air as we boarded the plane for another trip to the strip for the Driving Sales Executive Summit.  This event continually amazes us each year with Driving Sales recruiting some of the most progressive speakers in the space coming out to reveal industry innovations and collaborate with a wide variety of outstanding peers on the future of the automotive industry. Primed and ready to learn, collaborate and have some fun we snaked through the immense halls of the Bellagio and DSES once again did not disappoint.

With re-nowned keynotes including Jared Hamilton, Brian Solis, Bryan Eisenberg, Rand Fishkin, Mike Hudson, Jack Simmons, Florian Zettelmeyer, Adam Justis and 30 break out speakers there was no shortage of quality content. The automotive industry is on the verge of some huge changes and DSES revealed some exceptional insights on where, why and how we are getting to the next level.

Mobile Is Taking Over Our Industry

As many of us know mobile is drastically changing our industry and DSES definitely spent a considerable amount of effort placing a strong importance on the topic.

“Say ‘Consumer Experience’ ONE MORE TIME!”

If you attended DrivingSales Executive Summit this year you were likely saying this to yourself by the end of the conference.


The vast majority of keynote presenters this year mentioned the disparity between traditional retail automotive and the consumer’s perception of a satisfying consumer experience.

More than one of the keynotes said the 5 letter swear word that is sure to “electrify” a crowd of dealers and get them just a little “charged up.” It was quite a “jolt!” (Those of you that aren’t “plugged in” may not be getting the reference; that swear word starts with T and ends with esla. )

Disruption is on the horizon, but let’s be honest, it has been lurking just around the corner for many years. What do Ebay, Tesla, TrueCar, Carmax, and the interwebs in general all have in common? They all took turns as the posterchild for retail automotive’s inevitable end of days. All signified the end of an era in some circles and brought with them a lot of unnecessary hand-wringing…

internet zoo infographic header

Have you ever wondered exactly how long your tweet or Facebook update or blogpost should be? Is there an optimal length that could lead to more clicks, comments, and shares – actual engagement?

The great people at Buffer put together research on the topic and have provided in this easy-to-read infographic.

As you continue to build upon your dealers social media efforts or even hit the do-over button, and are re-defining what a successful automotive social media strategy is..check out, take note and save Buffer’s complete guide to Optimal Length for Every Social Media Update and More.


Edmunds’s No Haggle Video – Find it Offensive?

Comment over in the forums – click here

The following message will be delivered shortly to the media, and you are welcome to share it with your clients and other contacts as needed:

From President Seth Berkowitz:
“Our digital videos illustrating the ‘Absurdity of Haggling’ missed the mark. Some of our partners were deeply insulted, expressing that our attempt at humor reinforced outdated stereotypes. That was obviously never our intent. It has created a distraction from our business of helping to make car shopping easier. We are terminating the videos and getting back to working with our dealer partners to improve the car buying process for car shoppers around the country.”


UPDATE: Edmunds has removed the video. BUT – It’s still out there.

CarMax Returns to Third Party Lead Providers

According to a recent AutoNews article, and much of the automotive industry, CarMax returned to buying leads this month after a 16-month break-up with AutoTrader and


Despite the rising costs and dwindling dealership brand presence, about 40 percent of CarMax’s 141 stores are now back up and running with And, quite possibly though not confirmed, the same can be said for AutoTrader.

Senior automotive analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, Kevin Tynan says..

We’re heading into a robust pre-owned market,” Tynan said. “It makes sense to spread (vehicle) exposure as widely as it can.

I’m not sure we buy that….

CarMax back on the lead bandwagon?

CarMax wasn’t alone in its endeavor to quit third party leads. AutoNation didn’t go cold turkey, but as it builds the foundation that will rely on brand awareness over third party lead providers, the giant has been pulling away from buying leads. Check out what the Refreshers think about third party leads.

The U-Turn discussion is already underway over in the forums and waiting for your insight.

What is missing, if anything, in the research process that is being found on AutoTrader or – and, not on YOUR dealership website?

What are you doing at your store about third party leads? Are you actually measuring their worth, and I mean, truly measuring?

If your store has made the leap tell us about your journey…

You're Invited to 10th Kain Conference
Date: October 11, 2014—December 11, 2014
Time: 11am
Event: 10th Annual Kain Automotive Digital Success Workshop
Venue: Lexington Downtown Hilton
Location: 369 W Vine St
Lexington , KY 40507
Public: Private
Registration: Click here to register.
More Info: Click here for more information.

Every year the industry’s good friend, David Kain, hosts his Digital Success Clients & Friends Workshop in his home town of Lexington, Kentucky. I’ve been attending and have spoken at David’s conference since the early ones. This year represents his 10th Annual Conference. And each year David and his crew outdoes the last with the quality of content.Kain Conference Logo

Dealers looking to accelerate their internet sales performance beyond the basics through proven practices, cutting edge strategies and techniques that will differentiate their operation from the competitors need to consider this just-the-right-size venue and conference.

Click here to register

Registration starts 11:00am on Monday November 10th and the Workshop / Conference doesn’t come to an end until Wednesday at 3:30pm.

SCHEDULED SPEAKERS for this years event are the following:

  • Alex Vetter – Senior VP –
  • Ali Mendiola – Business Development Manager, Digital Retailing – Dealertrack
  • Amir Amirrezvani – Co-Founder – DealerOn
  • Beth Walters – Regional Sales Manager – L2TMedia
  • Bill Wittenmyer – Partner – ELEAD1ONE
  • Christian Salazar – Brand Manager – Dealer Fire
  • Dave Hoffman – Account Manager – Google
  • David Metter – President – HookLogic
  • David Pyle – Senior VP of Sales – Autotrader & KBB
  • Dean Evans – CEO – LotLinx
  • Gary Bang – VP & GM of Tampa Harley Group
  • Jason Wiley – Director of Sales – Haystack Digital
  • Jeremy Anspach – CEO – PureCars
  • John Gottschalk – Senior VP of Customer Engagement – FordDirect
  • John Malishenko – COO – Germain Motor Company
  • Jon Budd – Senior Group Manager – New Media – Hyundai Motor America
  • Jon Ferrara – CEO – Nimble CRM
  • Jonathan Wolske – Culture Evangelist –
  • Mike Haeg – Director of Business Development – Century Interactive
  • Patrick Workman – Client Partner, Global Marketing Solutions – Facebook
  • Ricky Lopez – Ecommerce Director – Crown Automotive Group
  • Scott Pechstein – Vice President of Sales – Autobytel
  • Todd Levy – Sr. Acct. Executive, Automotive – Twitter
  • Todd Smith – CEO – ActivEngage
  • Tracy Myers – Owner – Frank Myers Auto Maxx

On top of the speaker sessions, there’s also a BEST IDEA SESSION where the winners are selected by votes of the attendees. The winners walk away with some hard ca$h!

Don’t miss out this opportunity to attend one of the few industry conferences that I personally look forward to each year.

For more information and to review the agenda click here. If have any questions, you can contact the lovely Jessica Kain at or 859-797-6807 call/text.

See you at the conference?