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The Best Internet Sales Process Ever!

SponsoredLet’s be clear about the best “anything” when it comes to helping dealers sell cars: This new, best “thing” is only as good as the execution by your team.

The best CRM for you and your team, for example, is the one that they’ll use. Period.

It’s one that is intuitive and simple; and one that will help them communicate with your customers and prospects. The bells and whistles are what sells a CRM, but it’s your team’s execution that determines whether your CRM provider is a vendor selling you a product or a partner helping you sell cars.

Bad CRMs

While no CRM will sell you a car by itself, bad CRMs – those your team cannot or will not fully utilize – can cost you sales.

Lately, many of the CRMs often thought of as among the best customer relationship management tools in automotive have been falling flat for dealers. From reports that seem to come from a “random number generator” (providing often vastly different results depending on the day you run the report or where you grab the data) to impossible to implement work flows (preventing your team from easily customizing processes to fit specific customer profiles); these once highly-recommended products are being cursed in sales rooms across America.

But It’s the Process That Matters, Right?

Yes, and no. Bad processes in a great CRM can be improved. Great processes loaded into a bad CRM often can’t even be measured.

During our October 20, 2017 free, live video webcast we’ll dissect how to create great processes. In fact, for those that attend The Best Automotive Internet Sales Process for Today’s Customer! live, you’ll get a link where you can download all of my 2018 Internet Sales Processes, Templates and Voicemail Scripts for free.

There are plenty of reasons most dealers need to update their current processes, but the primary one is that the connected customer has all the information and they’re ready to buy today. Unfortunately, the average dealer’s internet sales process still treats prospects like they’re “just looking for information.” Moreover, most processes are loaded with ineffective emails that continue to fire for 180 days or more (ensuring you eventually end up in everyone’s spam folder).

Beyond the fact that your internet sales process likely hasn’t been updated in years, most salespeople and BDC agents are also spending way too much time focused on emails – with almost no time on the phones or (compliant) texting. Finally, many times your team is sending the wrong messages when they do try to connect with an internet sales prospect.

Tell Me More About the Webcast!

In this FREE LIVE VIDEO WEBCAST, I will provide your team everything they need to create the most effective internet sales processes you’ve ever put in place. Processes that will help your team reconnect with prospects faster so you can set and sell real appointments that show and buy.

By the way, the webcast and all my 2018 Internet Sales Processes, Templates and Voicemail Scripts are free thanks to our sponsor, Dominion’s Web Control™.

Wait, Who?

Yeah, most of you have never heard of Web Control – it’s certainly not usually one of the “Big 3” that dealers discuss in their 20 Groups – but they happen to be the only CRM I recommend today without any reservations.

It’s an easy-to-operate, intuitive tool that your team will actually use! Plus – and this is important – the reporting is accurate and it’s the easiest CRM tool I’ve ever used to set up new processes and work flows for my clients.

Okay, How Do I Register for this Live Video Webcast?

Registration is free and simple. Just follow this link for the webcast page.

Again, I’m proud to report this live event is sponsored by Dominion’s Web Control™ – their involvement allows me to bring this valuable training to you for free! I’m hopeful you and your team will be able to join me.

Good selling!

Steve is the author of Assumptive Selling: The Complete Guide to Selling More Vehicles for More Money to Today’s Connected Customers;" as well ...